Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After a couple of weeks off, I've stepped back into my role as night supervisor up at camp. We've started off the season with 210 kids from 2 different local schools, along with the expected homesickness issues kids away from home for the first time often deal with.

The changing season is once again re-energizing me, as it always does. Summer, despite the fun of working at summer camp, in some ways seems like an annual low point for me spiritually speaking. Nothing important ever seems to get accomplished during the Summer months. This month, however, marks the two year anniversary of me moving into my current apartment, and the one year anniversary of my relationship with Jeanine (or of our first walk together, at least). I'm happy.

That said, I feel like I'm in a creative rut. I've never been able to force creativity. Hopefully inspiration will find me soon.

Willow has started playing soccer again, and I am once again struck by how much I like watching her play, but have absolutely no interest in watching anybody but her play. Fatherhood will do that kind of thing to you.

I look forward to the falling leaves and rain. I look forward to walking in the hills during tarantula season.

Currently listening to: Sanna Kurki-Suonio "Huria"

Thursday, September 02, 2010

If I keep the windows and doors closed, my apartment retains the morning coolness until about noon. I'm just now beginning to really feel the heat. The forecast calls for temperatures in the high nineties today. Woe.

I notice on the news that another oil rig has exploded in the gulf. My response to that is to redouble my commitment to walk when and where possible. One of my plans this summer was to buy a bike, and I still haven't done that. Target has cheap ones, but I'm trying to avoid going there as well because of who they choose to donate money to. Too bad the local bike shop is so expensive. Walking it is.

Speaking of local shops, the nearest mom & pop pet store (Actually, I think at least 3 generations work there) is having its rent raised, a fact that will precipitate a move, so I might have to travel further afield for pet food too.

Willow has her first soccer practice of the season today. She's worried because all of her teammates are strangers. I told her that they won't be strangers for long, which didn't seem to reassure her much. She has become quite a worrier lately. Poor girl.

My favorite college professor once mentioned that 90% of the things we worry about never come to pass. Not sure if she made up that percentage or not, but it is comforting somehow. I think that was in her Sociology of Happiness class. Willow, of course, would probably fall into the category of people who would ask, "what about the other 10%?"

Currently listening to: Embers "Memoria In Aeterna"

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

With school in session once again, I would like a few Autumn clouds now and then. The days have been warm and blue, with a bit of breeze here and there, but I haven't yet detected that distinct autumnal smell in the air. Everything is dry and the hills are golden with spent Summer grass.

I wonder what kind of Winter this will be.

Next week is our in-service week at camp (truncated to four days due to the holiday), and the week after that finds me back in my old role as night supervisor. I'm going to try a little harder to land some substitute gigs this season, or maybe even renew my attempts to find a full time teaching job. I've got some ideas rolling around inside my head.

My immediate compulsion is to wander into the hills with my camera and take pictures. I want to record the sounds out there too. I want to see the first drops of rain send up little puffs of dry Summer dust. I want to hear the insects and amphibians sing.