Friday, November 04, 2011

A Rainbow For My Dad

Leroy Henry Scharpen, 10/15/1935 to 11/2/2011

My dad passed away Wednesday afternoon while we sat at his bedside. He went quietly and as far as I know, painlessly. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last December. Early this year, he went through radiation treatment, which seemed to have helped for awhile. He was admitted to the hospital on October 21st, and kept his good humor right up until the end. Everybody who took care of him during that short time really liked him. Willow got to see him the day before he passed away, and they had a good visit together.

I haven't yet told her that he is gone. I'm not looking forward to doing that.

For now, I will only add that on the way home from the hospital, I saw a rainbow. Back in January of 2010, while on the same freeway, I also saw a rainbow. Less than an hour later, I got the phone call informing me that my mom was dead.

A rainbow for my dad, through the permanently closed driver's side window of my van:

A rainbow for my mom, a few miles to the north on the same stretch of asphalt:

I think they would have been pleased by this.