Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumnal Chill

It's getting chilly at night, although not quite as chilly as the weekend we spent in the mountains a week ago. I'll have a full report on that up on my music blog soon.

As I let the chickens out of the coop this morning, Doodle the rooster greeted the day by crowing. He's got to stop doing that or somebody is liable to call the authorities. Roosters aren't legal to have in suburbia. Jeanine thinks that he might only crow if he is let out of the coop before the sun is all the way up. We'll have to experiment a bit.

We're already three weeks into the outdoor school season. This week, it was discovered that at least one of the cabins has some unwelcome bedfellows... uh, I mean bed bugs. Damn. I'd never actually seen a bed bug before. Now I can cross that off of my list. Joy.

Speaking of joy, a couple of my favorite coworker friends just had a baby late last night. Good for them.

Willow's soccer team had a tournament this weekend, but lost all three games. It wasn't for lack of trying or skill either. In fact, the games were pretty intense. Willow always ends up with a red face. I ran into my old friend Todd and his family on the field too. It's funny how we both grew up to be soccer dads.

Also, the toilet is leaking and refusing to refill. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Return to A Nocturnal Existence...

I'm in the middle of my second week back on a semi-nocturnal schedule, meaning my sleep pattern has once again been turned on its head. Today, I think I got somewhere between 4 and 5 hours of sleep, which is much less than my preferred 8.

Last week, I somehow managed to get enough sleep, although I played hookey on Tuesday night to go see Godspeed You Black Emperor in San Francisco. The kids I watched over during that week were 5th graders, although its so early in the school year that they're more like 4th graders. One boy came into the Hub to inform me that he was having nightmares. After some discussion, he admitted that he only had them when he was awake. He went on to reveal that actually he was worried about fierce animals.

I asked him what kind of animals he was most afraid of, expecting him to say something like Mountain Lions, since they are native to the area.

"Werewolves," he replied.

We talked a bit more, and I asked him what nature name he'd chosen for the week (the kids all pick "nature" names when they come to camp).

"Blue Whale," he told me.

"That's a great name," I said. "They're the biggest animals in the world. Nobody messes with a Blue Whale."

"That's why I picked the name," he admitted.

It sounds like he put some thought into this. I can't imagine a werewolf ever messing with any kind of whale. After awhile, reassured, he went back to bed. I like the imaginary problems much better than when kids puke or otherwise soil their beds.

The only other thing that stands out about the week is that bats have decided to make a home in one of the girls' bathrooms. Several girls came running in to tell me about it. There's nothing quite like seeing a bathroom full of screaming girls as bats fly around their heads. I told them to quiet down because all of the screaming was freaking out the bats.

This week, I haven't seen any bats in there. Poor, traumatized little critters.

Oh yeah, there was an Arboreal Salamander wandering around out front.