Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Additions To The Menagerie

The wind is still with us, but now it has been joined by rising temperatures. The air is bone dry and the night is moonless, sparkling velvet.

I often joke that one day I'll learn to say "no" when somebody offers me free reptiles, but my will power hasn't asserted itself yet, so I now have a new pair of Kenyan Sand Boas, given to me by one of the teachers who was up at camp last week. This is the second pair of reptiles I've been given in the last year. What next?

Currently listening to: Steven Stapleton & David Tibet "The Sadness of Things"

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Suddenly It's April

I'm back working nights after a week in the field. My daytime shifts were reinvigorating, like they always are. We had a bit of rain during the all-day hike, but not enough to dampen spirits. The Rattlesnakes are back in the chaparral in their usual abundance, and so are the turkeys that have been hanging around for the last couple of Springs. I found a small Gopher Snake in the garden too, and a Mountain Kingsnake, so tiny it was almost worm-sized, was discovered near the bathrooms by some cabin leaders.

It's windy this week, and the redwood tree near the boys' bathroom is leaning at a precarious angle and roped of with caution tape. At home yesterday, our yard was littered with avocado branches, and there were reports of power outages around the Bay Area.

Alex is up at camp this week as a cabin leader, although he'll be heading over to our other site in a couple of hours. He is also learning to drive, which makes me feel old.

Right now, the morning birds are kicking up a fuss outside, and the last couple of bats are fluttering around in preparation for bedtime. In 20 minutes, I'll wake up the campers.