Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been logging many miles at night, simply by walking in circles around camp. Each loop is only .13 miles, so I have many loops to complete in order to walk an appreciable distance, but with headphones on and stars overhead, the time just flies by. In fact, I'm often overcome with an intense feeling of joy as I walk, especially when the music perfectly meshes with the sparkling darkness. Plus, I get to indulge in my other favorite pastime, looking for critters. At the moment, my nocturnal discoveries are usually either deer or amphibians. Tonight, I rescued a lethargic newt from the swimming pool. Earlier this week, I saw this little fellow:

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Springs

Spring has arrived early and borrowed an hour from Autumn. It's light late and dark early now, and the green scent of growing things hangs heavy in the humid air.

In a fit of consumption, Jeanine and I bought new cars. That's right. Cars. Plural. Her old one had a potentially expensive oil leak, and my nineties-era mini-van has been accumulating annoying problems for a couple of years now, not to mention its gas mileage, which would have forward-thinking folk shaking their heads if I revealed it here. As for the annoying little problems, the combination of a broken air conditioner and not being able to roll down the driver's side window did much to encourage my wallet to emerge from hiding. Hopefully we'll both be set for quite a while now.

Our thoughts have been turning to the garden beds out back. I sunk some sprouting garlic bulbs into the soil recently, and today, Jeanine planted tomatoes and a lemon cucumber plant. I'm planning on adding some peppers and maybe some oregano.

Recently, a nocturnal visitor added this:

It's nice to know that owls occasionally visit the yard. I'm sure the local rodents would disagree though.

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